Temporary Codes

Temporary Registrations

The online store will provide a temporary registration to use the software products immediately after purchase when paying using the Credit Card payment method, but not when using Paypal payment method. The online store provides temporary registrations for the following:

  • BLS-2020 Standard
  • BLS-2020 Professional
  • BTM-2019 Standard
  • BTM-2019 Professional
  • TBRAC-2018 Professional

Temporary registrations are found in the content of the order confirmation email and the pdf attachment to the order confirmation. Temporary registrations are also found by logging into the online store, viewing your order and selecting View PDF.

Permanent Registrations

It will take approximately 1 to 2 business days from the time of your payment to process your order and assign a permanent registration. Until then, use the temporary registration until your permanent code is received. There may be a delay in processing permanent registrations during August and September, holidays and during the holiday closure between December 24th and January 1st.

If you have not received your permanent registration by the temporary registration expiration date, please contact sales at sales@cdesoftware.com or call 206-937-8069.

Please be sure to add sales@cdesoftware.com to your address book or list of acceptable email addresses so that your permanent registration email is not considered SPAM.

Why Temporary Registrations?

Temporary registrations are used to provide convienance for customers who wish to purchase software and immediately use. We've had situations where customers need to purchase software, such as our tournament software, and wait until the last minute and purchase Friday evening for use the next day. Prior to providing temporary registrations, the software would not be usuable in these situations.

In some cases, customers may choose an incorrect upgrade option or product. By using temporary registrations, it provides time for our staff to confirm the customers ordered the correct product.

It is not mandatory to use temporary registrations. If you do not have an immediate need and can wait for the permanent code, simply wait until the permanent code is received.