TBrac-2006 Bracket Software
Manufacturer: CDE Software

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Tbrac-2006 R2 Standard promotes the best brackets, sidepot and informal tournament management software for XP and 2000. CDE uses its experience with bowling software (since 1975) to provide the sport of bowling with the best in bracket software. It's not only the best bracket software available, its the easiest to use.

Tbrac-2006 R2 Standard offers several different components, including brackets, sidepots, singles event tournaments and pro am tournaments. It's designed for less formal tournaments and use.

It's very simple to use the software. Add a person's name, enter the average to use for handicap purposes, assign a lane and then enter the bowler into any additional sidepots or brackets.

CDE Software and Tbrac-2006 R2 feature the best in bracket sidepot management, using a powerful randomization engine that assigns bowlers in a random and fair manner. Sure, you can set bracket assignments to be based on "as the dice is rolled", but in many cases, bowlers can be assigned multiple times to the same opponent. When there is a large enough field of bowlers, this can be perceived as unfair, causing bowlers to drop out. Tbrac-2006's uses a logical random method that minimizes or eliminates duplicate match-ups in brackets. In fact, Tbrac-2006 can optionally take some extra time and minimize duplicates in the cases that bowlers win the first game. This provides your bowlers a FAIR means of competition and better yet.... you don't have to do any extra work.

Features include:

Many of Tbrac-2006 R2 features include:

  • Use to run brackets for fun, to make additional money for yourself, the league, the youth program or your favorite charity.
  • USBC allows brackets to be offered for USBC youth leagues, providing winnings go to scholarship fund.
  • Twelve different bracket groups can be offered.
  • Each bracket group can be either scratch or handicap and can be a different price.
  • Each bracket group can either be offered for individual bowlers or teams.
  • Each individual or team can be entered up to 99 times for a total of 999 brackets per group.
  • Import BTM-2015 and BTM-5 bowler names and averages
  • Import BLS-2015 bowler names and averages (BLS-2015 version 27.07.01+)
  • Supports up to 12 games.
  • Supports singles events tournaments.
  • Mystery Doubles sidepots
  • Sweeper Doubles sidepots
  • High game pots
  • Drop lowest game
  • Manage up to approximately 1500 bowlers per tournament.
  • Manage as many tournaments as you wish (Why pay more for each tournaments)
  • Handles Scratch or Handicap tournaments - No extra fees
  • Handles Bowler and Team tournaments - No extra fees
  • Supports management of simple pro-am tournaments.
  • Rapid registration to accommodate walk-in style tournaments.
  • Easy to use score screen that allows for rapid score entry.
  • Multiple Reports are managed with customizable tournament results, detailed reports and more - No Extra Charge
  • Add graphics and watermarks from our bowling clipart CD-ROM's or your own creations. You control size, position and effects
  • Fonts customizable of multiple reports
  • Support - CDE provides the largest opportunity for support for your program via online chat, message boards, email, fax, mail and phone
  • Automatic Scoring Edition available with all major scoring systems including Qubica Conqueror, Brunswick Vector, Vector Plus, Classic and Centermaster, Steltronic WINS, Twelve Strike, Purrfect Score, QubicaAMF Boss, Vantage, AK Microsystems, Switch and more
  • FREE- Extended Product Downloads - Why pay $39.95 extra that other companies charge to download the installer for your program in case you misplace the installation program, moved computers or the installer was corrupted or damaged by a virus. As long as the the program has not reached end-of-life, the installers are available for download FREE without any special passwords or confusing security codes.
  • A lot more features to numerous to list.

This edition does not integrate with the electronic scoring systems.

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