Products specifications
2021-2022 USBC Support Yes
2021-2022 CTF Support Yes
2021-2022 TNBA Support Yes
2021/22 Pepsi Tournament Qualifier Yes
Uploads to for 21/22 Season Yes
Uploads to YES
Uploads to Personal Website YES
Uploads to BPAA Web Services YES
Post to Twitter YES
HTML/XHTML Export of reports YES
Cloud backup to Dropbox YES
Cloud backup to Google Drive YES
Custom templates for reports and standing sheets. YES
Export reports to PDF YES
Preview Recaps before printing YES
Attach PDF Standing Sheet to mass email YES
Built-in Financial Module YES
Random Lane Assignments Yes
Pair by pair statistics Yes
Import bowlers from Bowler Trac / BITS format YES
Export bowlers to Bowler Trac / BITS format YES
Password protection of data files YES
Bracket Module YES
Master Bowler Database YES
Automatic Scoring Interface to Scoring Management Systems No
Temporary Code Available after purchase Yes